SaaSx5 is here to further fan the growth of SaaS in India and help make strides in the ongoing SaaS evolution.
Our key sessions spotlight 3 emerging shifts & frontiers which are critical for growth and success over the next few years.
SaaSx5 is modeled with sessions to help our entrepreneurs grasp, navigate and scale the new frontiers.


Keynote by Sridhar Vembu

Reinventing Mindset for the Entrepreneur

The Zoho story is about continually reinventing & adapting to market shifts. Successfully Investing for the longer term requires entrepreneurs to stay alert of market changes and reorient to the unfolding market opportunities.

SaaSx is not an event, nor is it a learning or networking forum. SaaSx is a movement, embedded in the hearts and minds of the entrepreneurs who had a dream. SaaSx is a friend who created bonds which supported & guided the passions of many. SaaSx is a mentor who lit the beacon of change in the entrepreneurs’ journeys.
Be part of it. By SaaS entrepreneurs for SaaS entrepreneurs!



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